Sports Bars Near Me

Sports Bars Near Me.

If you can’t get a ticket for upcoming games or you can’t or don’t want to travel to away games, then watching a game at a decent sports bar is your best option.

In a good sports bar, you can still get a good game-day atmosphere, and good grub and beers are just a few yards away.

We have added the ultimate Top 20 list of the best sports bars in major American city’s to help you on your way. The list is in no particular order, just a great guide to the best sports bars in the city, that your are in.

If you are simply looking for a decent sports bar near your current location, then simply use the map below. The map automatically shows the nearest sports bars based on you Gps position.

Find a Sports Bar near you – Use the Map.

As an extra service, we have added an interactive Google Map, that shows you the closest sports bars in your vicinity. Just make sure that the GPS function is turned on, if you are browsing from a phone.

Why you should watch the game in a sports bar.

The whole world is always going crazy over sports, especially this year as it is time for the Olympics. These games return every four years and everybody gets fixed on watching all kinds of unique sports. This is the chance to see players from all over the world pushing to make themselves the best there ever was. However, sadly not everybody gets a chance to see these sports live. So, what are your options in this regard? You could either switch on television at your own place, but if you share it with other people then there is a high chance that they might not like watching sports.

This is where going to a sports bar becomes a great option. Watching sports with sports enthusiast is truly a fun experience, definitely moreso when compared to watching it alone. While sitting at the bar, you have the ability to order some beers and enjoy snacks with your buddies. From the socialization point of view, sports bars offer a lot of opportunities to meet new people of similar tastes, make new friends and maybe even find a hot girl (or guy).

To help you in your quest for the perfect sports mecca, we have compiled, what we think is a list of the Top 20 sports bars in America. There is absolutely no reason that you couldn’t add your own favorite sports bars to this list, however, simply do so in the comment section.

Without further ado, we’ll be going over some of the best sports bars where you can catch that big game.

Top 20 Sports Bars in America.


Anaheim, CA

One of the first bars worth checking out is located in Anaheim, CA. This is the ESPN Zone. This is a must go sports destination for all sports fans and if you are going to Disneyland Resort, then this is definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on. In terms of the structure and space of ESPN Zone, it has a dining room featuring unique seating and it makes the visitors feel like they are sitting in a stadium. They have tried to replicate the experience of Vegas sportsbook and we can all agree that ESPN Zone has done an amazing job. In addition, high definition monitors are side by side with a humungous HDTV that shows all the small details whatever game happens to be going on. If you are visiting this sports bar, then we recommend you to also have yourself a New York Strip Steak.

sports bars near me

ESPN Zone Anaheim in located in the Downtown Disney District. ESPN Zone used to have locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well, but they are closed now.

Legends Sports Bar.
Long Beach, California.

Another great sports bar worth visiting is the Legend Sports Bar in Long Beach, California. This establishment is quite old since it opened up first in 1970. The people behind it are Dennis Harrah, who played offensive lineman from Los Angeles Rams, and John Morris, who was a local businessman. At that time, this sports café was considered one of the pioneers since they introduced live sports broadcasting by availing satellite technology. This sports bar is truly legendary and a definite go-to bar in LA.


Legends Spors Bar and Grill is indeed legendary in Los Angeles. They have great Happy Hour deals from 3 pm – 6 pm form Monday to Friday and has recently opened a second location in Huntingdon Beach.

Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum
Kansas City, Mo.

Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum in Kansas City, Mo is another old establishment that many sports enthusiasts love to visit. It is like a Mecca for sports fans since it has a huge collection of sports memorable moments. You could find some really neat sports stuff here that you won’t find anywhere else. If you like autographed baseballs then you will find in plenty here. Similarly, you could find other autographed items including helmets. Visiting this bar is sure to be an exhilarating experience and something you would never forget. It takes you back to all those moments in history to where it almost feels like you get to experience those magical moments again. It is also worth noting that like the previous sports bar it is also considered as a pioneer since it was opened 28 years ago.


Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum is just what it says on the tin: part Sports bar and part museum. The memorabilia ranges from signed football helmets, to olympic torches and authentic World Series trophies.

Houndstooth Pub
New York, NY

Another sports bar that you should go to is the Houdstooth Pub in New York, NY. This pub is of Irish nature and is a kind of gastropub where you can find all the quintessential items you need.

The Houndstooth pub is quite spacious with comfortable seating. You could find office workers from nearby visiting this pub all the time. In addition, you would also notice the crowd of tourists nearby. Commuters from the Penn Station also frequent this bar instead of waiting at the station. In short, there are plenty of opportunities for socialization at the Houndstooth.

Chatham Tap

If you are a soccer fan and you find yourself in Indianapolis, then you should definitely visit Chatham Tap. Soccer is not that popular in America when compared to some of the other classic sports and that is why you need a place where soccer fans can come together and enjoy this thrilling sport together. Not only that, you could also enjoy beers from other countries including England and Belgium. You could watch all the live matches of the English Premier League as well as other soccer tournaments here. This place is jam packed with soccer fans whenever there is a major soccer tournament like when the European championship or World Cup is going on. The experience of Chatam can be compared to any English pub, not only in terms of the food and drinks, but also the whole ambiance. You could visit to find out more about this pub.

Katy Trail Ice House
Dallas, TX

If you are looking for a unique sports bar in Dallas Texas, then you should consider taking a stop by the Katy Trail Ice House. This Ice House or sports bar boosts a massive beer garden and you could try out all types of snacks. In terms of the crowd, you will find people belonging to all age groups in this sports bar. It is spacious and boosts big screens of high quality definition on which you could watch sports matches while sitting at any place in the bar.

New York

Moving on, you could also visit Ainsworth in New York if you are both a sports and a food lover. Some people have this concern that the food quality gets compromised when you visit a sports bar, but this is not true in this case. You will find both the atmosphere as well as the food to be of the highest quality. However, this high quality food and top-notch atmosphere does not come cheap. So, if you are looking for inexpensive outing this place might not be the best. In terms of the price spectrum, it is definitely on the higher side. If you do visit this place, you are highly recommended to try out the Ahi Tuna Burger. It’s their signature dish after all. You could visit to find out more details about this classy sports bar.

Bar 508

If you are in Minneapolis, then the Bar 508 Minneapolis is the place to go to enjoy different sports. It is a fact that sports enthusiasts are not easily satisfied with just plain old chips and burgers. In fact, they desire something more sophisticated and meaningful. You have to try out the buffalo chicken wontons at this sports bar. In addition, you could also try truffle asparagus for ultimate deliciousness. Another thing you will notice about this sports bar is that their drinks are a bit better than other cafes and bars. If you are a beer lover then you should definitely try the 21st Amendment. For more information, you could visit 1-612-339-0036;

Quality Athletics
Seattle, WA

Quality Athletics in Seattle, WA is another one of those sports bars to put on your list. This sports café has one of the best arrangements for watching different sports. The normal crowd also visits this bar to enjoy the different dishes and snacks alongside these sports enthusiasts. You will notice that the food is delicious and more than just up to the mark. If you visit this place you are highly recommended to try spiced duck wings. The sweet chilli buffalo sauce is to die for. You could also try crispy charred chicken wings here. All in all, this sports bar is worth visiting and if you are in Seattle then you should definitely visit.

Chickie’s & Pete’s

Moving on to other sports bars, if you find yourself in Philadelphia, then you are highly recommended to visit Chickie’s & Pete’s. If you compare this bar with the surroundings, then you will notice that this one is quite special and stands out from the pack. Most of the bars just offer giant televisions for sports enthusiasts, but a genuine and true sports bar also offers a unique signature dish. This one fully fulfills this criteria as their crab fries are seriously scrumptious. These are basically just French fries that have the seasoning of crabs. These crab fries go well with cheese sauce that is also in-house made. If you want further information you could visit 1-215-218-0500;

Bourbon Pub.
Santa Clara.

Another sports bar that is worth bringing up in this list is the Bourbon Pub in Santa Clara. It is located at Levi’s Stadium and is always filled with energy and zealous atmosphere that excites sports fans. It has a central bar and it boosts large television screens that reaffirms its unique positioning. More importantly, the food is also amazing and delicious. If you visit this sports bar, you won’t be disappointed by the nachos.

Lagasse’s Stadium
Las Vegas

Lagasse’s Stadium is another sports bar that is worth visiting if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas and get in the mood for watching sports. The sports bar is full with HD display screens and monitors that just lifts the whole atmosphere. However, the visit to this bar would not come so cheap. You could also check out their luxury suites and private boxes. 1-702-607-2665;

Sluggers World Class Sports Bar & Grill
Chicago, IL

Located on Chicago’s North Side, adjacent to Wrigley Field, this sports bar favorite features indoor batting cages, an extensive game room and countless TVs. The food menu consists of deep-dish pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and appetizers.

Stadium View Bar & Grill
Green Bay, Wis.

This bar is across the street from the Packers’ Lambeau Field. It attracts fans who would rather watch a game on HD television in comfort than freeze to death in a seat high up in the stands. On game days, it’s like a party in there. 1-920-498-1989;

Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill
Boston, MA

Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill is just a few yards from the Fenway Stadium. Its huge and it comes complete with nearly 30 HD TVs. One wall is made up of six large screens.

Don & Charlie’s
Scottsdale, Ariz.
This bar in Scottsdale, is not the typical sports bar. Its more high-end and has an extensive wine list. It also has excellent baby back ribs and greats.  Very busy during spring-training. 1-480-990-0900;

Denver, Colorado.

Jackson’s is across the street from Coors Field in Denver’s Historic Downtown District (LoDo). Denver’s largest outdoor rooftop patio offer Sunday fans plenty of food, drink, and merriment, along with TVs to watch their favorite teams. More than 40 screens makes it Denver’s Biggest and Best Sports Bar.

The Cubby Bear

Across the street from Wrigley Field. What you will get: A stadium atmosphere without going to a game.I gets busy before games also, when fans come in for a pre-game beer or a Chicago-style hot dog. 1-773-327-1662;

Fox Sports Midwest Live.
St. Louis, Missouri. Inside Ballpark Village.

With 2 levels of sports entertainment. This enormous sports bar even has a 100 foot long retractable glass roof. At away games this bar is truly buzzing, complete with live bands and giveaways.


This place sticks out because of the numerous small TVs placed right at your table. It has decent food two, and is the go-to sports bar in Atlanta. 1-404-885-1472;

True North Tavern
San Diego, California.

25 widescreen televisions creates an atmosphere of 360 degrees of football goodness. True North has two full-service bars, two outdoor patios, and a number of pool tables.

That’s it, our TOP list of the best sports bars in America. If you feel that we left a great bar out, then let us know in the comment section.

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