Top 5 Apps for Maps and Navigation.

A Look at the Top 5 Apps for Maps and Navigation.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in places, that you don’t know much about. During those times, having a good and accurate navigation app on your phone is immensely useful.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what are the top 5 maps and navigations apps out there.

Google Maps.

It would probably be stupid to not have this app on the list. After all, Google Maps seems to be one of the best all-round navigation apps out there that allow you to do pretty much everything as far as finding and following routes is concerned.
You can easily find directions on Google Maps by using its “Get Directions” option on the bottom right of the screen. However, what’s so unique about it, is that it actually comes up with possibly all the routes available to reach your destination, while also suggesting the fastest ones.
Furthermore, it also throws up suggestions, when it finds better routes, while you’re on your way.
It’s also loaded with many more advanced features, that you will probably never need unless you tend to go wandering around on a regular basis.


This is rather a specific navigation app designed to help you avoid falling prey to traffic problems. It keeps you constantly updated about the traffic information in the areas you’re heading to, besides suggesting better routes whenever there’s a traffic jam ahead on the one you’re following.
You can also return the favor by letting other users know when you come across a traffic jam. The app has various icons you can use for this purpose, such as accidents, road closures, and more.
It also offers voice directions, and can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices.


This is one of the best “offline” navigation apps out there. It allows you to download several different map routes even before you start your journey. This can obviously turn out to be extremely useful when your data connection isn’t stable.
What more, it also offers alternative routes you can take if you end up missing a turn, even while being offline.

Outdoor Navigation.

Just like the above two navigation apps on this list, this one’s specifically designed for something as well. Unlike the other two, however, it aims to help you find your way when you’re not in an area where you can easily find roads and transportation.
It integrates the features of Google Maps into some of its own, in order to be your perfect assistant while biking or hiking.

Maverick GPS Navigation.

This is another navigation app that lets you download and save different maps on your phone. You can use them when your phone’s network connectivity ends up ditching you when you land up in some unfamiliar areas.

Map apps

Finding your way from A to B is easier that ever.

Other Popular Free Map Apps.

Yahoo Maps.
Ask Maps and Directions.
Bing Maps.

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