How to Get through to Call Centers Quickly

How to Get through to Call Centers Quickly.

TIP: How to get through to a human in call centers.

Are you tired of the endless loop of automated messages, when you call a business number? It is so much more efficient to convey what you need to a real person. Most people don’t know this, but uttering just a few magic words to the automated service will often take you straight to a real person.

Try this for Touch Tone systems:

Dial “0”. Most of the time, pressing “0” will take you to a person. If it doesn’t, then press it multiple times. For many systems, pressing it twenty times will do the trick. You can also try mixing it with other symbols in the following step.
Dial “*” or “#” four or more times.
Or press nothing and wait. Most systems have support for old “rotary” style phones.

Alternatively, you can choose the option where you sign up for a new service or cancel your account. Or try going through the sales side of the company to get what you want. Take the course meant for opening a new account and you will usually go directly to a human being.

For Voice Recognition Systems, you can try this:

Say “I would like to speak to a person” or the words “operator” or “agent” over and over again, until the system gives up. Say the magic word: “complaint” as many times as possible. You are often forwarded to a real human being after saying the word 3 times or more. Many programs are also trained to recognize swear swords and will take you to an operator after you mention the f-word a few times.

Or try mumbling. If the system hears you making sounds and cannot distinguish words, it usually asks you to repeat yourself twice, then gives up and sends you to customer service.

Try IVR (Interactive Voice Response) cheat sheets.
If everything fails, try using one of the IVR cheat sheets found at It lists 500 companies and the best method you can use to get through to a real, breathing person in the least amount of time.


Call Centers can be a hellish wait.

Store Hours & Contact Numbers.

If you are tired of being put on hold or spending tens of minutes on lifeless corporate “helplines” and tired of being transferred from department to department, then you have come to the right place. Large corporations are often very poor at providing relevant opening hours and contact details on their websites. It should be a very simple task to provide quick and accurate information about store locations and contact phone numbers, but big business often fail miserably on this very basic point. One could suspect that they do this on purpose in order to cut down on man hours for handling customer questions and complaints.

This is where we come in. We offer detailed lists of store hours and corporate contact number with all the important details like Christmas, Weekend, Black Friday and holiday hours for the top chains of stores and restaurants in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom.

We have also added other relevant information such as official company Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages, as well as relevant restaurant menus and tips for saving money.

Stop wasting time and start saving money!


Please use the navigation menu or search option on this site to find the company hours or contact details, that you need.

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