Shopping Malls Near Me

Shopping Malls Near Me.

Where is the nearest shopping mall to my location? Find out here.

This is the easiest way to find shopping malls, shopping centers, supermarkets & outlet malls near your current location: Simply browse the the Mall Map below. The map shows the closest malls to your location and you can also reveal opening hours and addresses, by clicking on a location.

However, we have added much more, including information on current shopping mall trends, statistics and the typical shopping mall opening hours in the USA. Also, please make sure to check out our TOP 5 Apps to use at the Mall. See below.


Shopping Malls Near Me – Use the Map.

The map above uses Google Map data and will automatically find your location with the help of GPS or IP addresses. The GPS must be turned on, if you are using a cellphone, though, for the map to work. The results include the shopping mall opening hours, local telephone numbers, reviews from customers, plus you can use the added “directions” funtion to navigate there quickly, if you are driving.

Google Maps is by the most accurate map service available, but if you prefer an añternative, the Microsoft owned Bing Maps also provide decent online maps.

Shopping Malls – General Information.

The largest mall in the US is the Mall of America feet (452,000 m2) with 520 stores.
The largest mall in the world is the New South China Mall in Dongguan, China with a floor area of 892,000 m2.
The largest shopping center in Europe is the Puerto Venecia in Zaragaza, Spain with 207,000 m2.

There are nearly 47,000 shopping centers in the United States, of which 1300 are categorized as “enclosed malls”.

The trend towards online shopping means that shopping malls are slowly emptying. In the USA about 200 out of 1,300 malls across the country are going out of business. To change this trend, owners are trying to turn malls into leisure and entertainment centers with attractions like parks, kids playhouses, movie theaters and gyms.

The future of Shopping Malls.

Shopping malls across the country, and across the world, are moving focus towards “shopping mall experiences”, rather that just shopping. Why? Because the statistics show a changing attitude in comsumers. A surver of 3334 shoppers show that consumers usin g shopping malls mostly to socialize, dine and for new experiences.

80% of the consumers shopped with another person, so socialization is an important part of consumers’ experience. The use the shopping centers to spend time with their children, family and friends.

74% state that some kind of sensory stimulation as important, whether its aromas from the restaurants and coffee shops, or the display of colors, new product launches or designs

42% of consumers eat at a restaurant during their shopping mall visit, while 39% attend an experience that is unrelated to shopping (movie theater, Kids Play rooms, or a performance).

shopping mall near me - West Edmonton Mall

The future of shopping malls? The West Edmonton Mall combines shopping with expericences such as kids playgrounds, a water park, roller coasters, bowling alleys and movie theatres.

Shopping Malls Opening Hours.

Typical mall opening hours are:

Monday to Saturday 9 am – 10 pm.

Sunday 11 am – 7 pm.

Ofcourse opening times vary greatly from mall to mall, so the hours above is just a general guide. All malls and department stores remain open for longer hours between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas Eve for the holiday shopping season. Many are open until 11 p.m in this period.

24 Hour Shopping Malls.

Amazingly, we could not find a single 24 hour shopping mall in all of the U.S.A during out research. There are currently no 24 hr shopping malls in the US, not even in New York or Las Vegas. So, for your 24/7 shopping needs you will have to try a Walmart or CVS Pharmacy, both of which have 24 hours stores.

5 Great Apps to use at the Mall.

There are currently no good “Shopping Mall Finder” apps on the market, but once you get to you chose shopping center, these apps will come in handy:

Fastmall App – Don’t get lost.

“FastMall” can give you directions to restrooms, car parking, stores and fast food restaurants at shopping malls around the country and the world. You can navigate any Fastmall map without the need for GPS or WIFI.

The Shopping List App – Don’t waste food.

“The Shopping List” is a grocery list app that lets you sort your items into categories and organize your next mall shopping trip. All products are saved into a database including the last entered amount, so that you can take out your shopping list every time you go.

Nextat Shopping App – Get The Best Price

“Nextag Shopping” helps you find the best prices at the shopping mall. Scan any barcode to find the lowest prices in seconds and see recent product details and reviews. Set up price alerts and use the search function to sort results by price or rating.

Keyring App – Shop Handsfree

The “KeyRing” app lets you transfer all your store cards to your smartphone.  Scan the barcode on each discount store card and the app will identify the store card and store it in your phone. When checking out, just scan your code from your phone.

Shopkick App – Get Rewards

With “Shopkick” you will start earning so-called “Kickbucks” reward points by checking in at major retailers, like Macy’s, Target and Best Buy. You can the trade the “Kickbucks” in for gift cards or movie tickets. Over 19 million users have already earned over $60 million in free gift cards.

Happy Shopping!

More Shopping Mall resources.

Read more about shopping malls on Wikipedia: Shopping Malls.

Shopping Malls Near Me – Find Shopping Centers Near Me

Remember, please avoid using proxys in order for the map function to work probably. If you cannot find the business or restaurant brand that you are looking for, then use the search function.
Use the Star Ratings system to rate brands/restaurants from 1 to 5 stars. The rating is an overall customer rating. Use the comment section to further detail your experiences.

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