Petrol Station Near Me

Petrol Station Near Me.

Find the nearest petrol station to your current location with our Petrol Station Map.

The map on this page will automatically reveal the closest petrol station to your current location. The map bases its results on GPS signal coming from your cell phone, or the IP address of your laptop.

Petrol Stations Near Me Now.

For the Petrol Station Map to work precisely, the GPS function should be enabled on your mobile phone. Likewise, please disable any VPN that you may be using on your laptop computer, and make sure that your browser are not in “Incognito” mode.

Click on a Petrol Station location on the Petrol map to get the address, as well as driving directions.

Click on the link “View Larger Map” to see your local petrol station opening times, phone numbers as well as services available.

Top 6 Petrol Station Apps.

  • – Crowd-sourced prices for petrol stations across the UK.
  • Petrol Prices Pro – for iOS and Android.
  • CoPilot – Premium for iOS and Androidd.
  • AA UK app.
  • Gasbuddy – Largest petrol station app in America.
  • Fuel Flash – 60.000 petrol stations in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The Petrol Station Market in the UK.

Although large oil owns more petrol stations than any other brands in th UK, it is actually the supermarkets that sell the largest volumes of fuel in the UK. Sainsbury’s sold around 11,809 kiloliters, followed by Tesco in 2018.  BP Petrol Stations sold just 4,311 kiloliters.

petrol station near me

Most petrol in the UK are sold at supermarkets, as supermarkets are consistently cheaper than the UK average.

The number of petrol stations in the UK is approximately 8,422.

The largest chains by number of petrol station locations in the UK are:

  1. BP: 1228
  2. ESSO: 1178
  3. Shell: 1052
  4. Certas Energy: 764
  5. Texaco: 724
  6. Tesco: 507
  7. Morrisons: 335
  8. Jet: 327
  9. ASDA: 321
  10. Sainsbury’s: 312

Petrol Station Near Me

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