Nail Salons Near Me

Nail Salons Near Me.

Find a nail salon near your location.

Use the map below to find the nail salons nearest to you.

Click on any map location to reveal the opening hours, address and phone number of your local nail shop.

We have also added stats and information on the nail salon business in America.

Find a Nail Salon near me – Use the Map.

Use the map below to locate the closest nail shop to your location. Gps should be turned on on mobile devices for this function to work correctly.

Nail Salons – General Information.

A nail salon offers nail care services such as manicures, pedicures, and nail beauty enhancements. Many nail salons also offer skin care. There are currently 129,682 nail salons in the U.S, and the number is increasing, so you should be able to find on in your town easily.

Nail salons usually offer acrylics, silk or fiberglass wraps, French manicures, nail polishing and pedicures. Around 40% of nail technicians in the USA are Vietnamese women.

What Is a Nail Spa?

There difference between a nail spa and a nail salon is not concrete, but nevertheless evident among regular customers: At a nail salon, you can get a manicure, pedicure or a nail enhancement. But at a nail spa, you can expect a little more pampering, such as a relaxing hand massage or a soothing foot massage, set in a more chilled out “atmospheric” setting. Some spas even offer herbal teas or juices, bathrobes and clean hand towels.

What can I expect to pay for a manicure?

In 2015, the average price for a “Basic” manicure was $19.9 (U.S.) So-called “Deluxe” manicures came in at an average of $28.54, however. Prices vary depending on location and length of treatment.

Nail Salon Apps – Use Apps to find Nail Shops Near Me.

The app “Salon Finder” is currently the only app designed for finding nail salons, hair dressers and beauty spas, wherever you are. The app is decent enough, though a google map search is usually more precise. The app is only available for Apple phones or ipads.

If you are looking for inspiration for exciting nail art, then try downloading the “Nailbook – Nail Art Designs” app for android or from iTunes. The Nailbook has more than 25000 different nail art designs, that you can show at your local salon. They will then replicate the design of your choice.

Nail Salons Near Me – Find a Nail Shop Near Me

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