Liquor Store Near Me

Liquor Store Near Me.

Find a Liquor Store near your location, in seconds.

See the closest liquor store to your location, including beer, wine and spirits stores in your area. Use the map below to locate the nearest liquor store.

Simply click on the map to reveal the opening hours, phone numbers and addresses of the liquor stores near you.

Please be aware that many liquor stores closes before 2 AM even in the Weeknend due to local state laws.

We also added some interesting facts about the liquor store business in America, and our own list of the best liquor store apps on the market.


Find Liquor Stores Near Me – Use the Map.

This map utilizes Google Maps technology, but if you prefer an alternative, then we recommend downloading the Bing Maps app, or the Waze app. Google Maps, however, provide the best and most accurate information, in our tests.

Liquor Stores in the U.S.A.

There are currently 42,941 liquor stores in the U.S, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to find one near you. The problem is to find a store that is open right now, as, more often than not, the urge to buy liquor comes late at night. And most states have licensing laws in place that allows the sale of alcohol only between the hours of 8 A.m. and 2 A.m, for example. There are currently 18 states in the U.S., that exercise a state alcohol monopoly. Out of the 18 states that regulate alcohol wholesales, only 10 (Alabama, Idaho, New Hampshire, Virginia, Washington, Utah, Oregon, North Carolina and Pennsylvania) actually run the liquor stores. The other states contract the operations of the stores to private firms. As of 1988, all 50 states and the District of Columbia had a minimum purchase age of 21. Homebrewing of beer became legal in all 50 states in 2013.

Top Apps for Liquor Stores.

There are few good apps on the market, that can quickly find a liquor store in your area for you.

Try downloading the “Liquor Store Finder” app for Android. The best function of this app is that you can use it without having Gps turned on, all over the world.

The “Liquor Run Mobile” app is available for both Android and Apple device. It can find the closest beer, liquor, & wine stores and also will let you know about the store closing times. You will also get directions to over 40,000 US liquor stores, plus you can browse thousands of drink recipes.

If you are looking for inspiration for cocktails and other drinks, then there are also two good apps available for you:

The “Mixology Drink Recipes” app for Android and iPhones will let you search through 7900+ drink & cocktail recipes and 1300 ingredients, for free.

The aptly named “8,500+ Drink Recipes Free”  app will give you exactly that: Over 8500 Drink & Cocktail recipes to browse for free from your phone.

Liquor Store near me

A good liquor store usually offers both wine, beer and hard liquor for sale.


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