Diners Near Me

Diner Near Me.

Find traditional, classic American diners and burger restaurants near your current location. Use the map to locate diners in your city and read about which are the best, and most famous, diners in America.

Diners are characterized by offering a large range of American food and dishes, a casual atmosphere, a counter, and often very late operating hours or 24 hour opening hours. “Classic American Diners” are also known for an distinct interior style and often an exterior of stainless steel. The very first American diner was opened in 1872, by a man named Walter Scott, in Providence, Rhode Island. The ‘original style’ diner is narrow, long and often copy the appearance of a railroad dining cars.

Find a Diner Near Me – Use the Map.

The Google Map shown below will direct you to the nearest diners in your city. The GPS system on your phone must be activated for the map to work on your phone. Google Maps has proven to be the most reliable of the map providers, when it comes to restaurant locations.

You can click on a diner or restaurant on the map, to find out the opening hours, phone numbers and restaurant addresses.

The Top 20 Diners in America.

If you are lucky enough to live in a state that is home to one or more of these 20 diners, then you surely must visit. This list of the Top 20 diners in America is a mix of various lists from the internet, and we have chosen the 20 diners that appear on the most lists. If we have left an amazing diner out, then please let us know in the comment section.


1. Fremont Diner; Sonoma, CA

Outdoor patios and famous for fried chicken.
Address: 2698 Fremont Dr., Sonoma; 707-938-7370 or thefremontdiner.com

diners near me

Fremont Diner in Sonoma, California. Loads of character and great food too.

2. Palace Diner, Biddeford, ME.

Built by the Pollard Company in 1927. This diner only has seating for 15 people and has a small, but great menu. There are only eight choices available for breakfast, but they are all delicious.

Address: 18 Franklin St, Biddeford, ME 04005, United States. Phone:+1 207-284-0015 or try palacedinerme.com.


Palace Diner in Vermont. One 0f just original Pollard Diners left. Build in the traditional dining car style.

3. Skillet Diner; Seattle

Creative, yet classic diner dishes like the “Ultimate Grilled Cheese,” served with bacon jam and fried chicken.
Address: 2034 NW 56th St., Seattle; (206) 922-7981 or skilletfood.com


Skillet Diner in Seattle. A modern take on the traditional American Diner.

4. Rick’s White Light Diner; Frankfort, KY

This diner is famous for oyster, crawfish and a lively setting. There can be long line at luch or for dinner, though.
Address: 114 Bridge St., Frankfort; 502-696-9104 or whitelightdiner.com

5. A1 Diner; Gardiner, ME

Sit at one of the mahogany booths, that has not changed for 60 years. Famous for potato hash.
Address: 3 Bridge St., Gardiner; 207-582-4804

6. Highland Park Diner; Rochester, NY

Old school diner set in a dining car . Famous for their milkshakes.
Address: 960 Clinton Ave. S, Rochester; 585-461-5040 or yelp

7. 24 Diner; Austin

Open 24 hours a day. Try the fried chicken and waffle.
Address: 600 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin; 512-472-5400 or 24diner.com

8. Ruth’s Diner; Salt Lake City

Utah’s second oldest restaurant, at 90 years old. Famous for the great canyon views, and their “Mile High Biscuits.”
Address: 4160 Emigration Canyon Rd., Salt Lake City; 801-582-5807 or ruthsdiner.com

9. Tops Diner; East Newark, New Jersey

Very large menu. Try the famous meatloaf with gravy, if in doubt.
Address: 500 Passaic Ave., East Newark; 973-481-0490 or thetopsdiner.com

10. Harry’s Coffee Shop; La Jolla, CA

Famous for their no-nonsense all-day breakfast.
Address: 7545 Girard Ave., La Jolla; 858-454-7381 or harryscoffeeshop.com

11. Tom’s Restaurant; Brooklyn, New York

Famous for their breakfast, so weekend lines can be really long. You will get free coffee, though.
Address: 782 Washington Ave., Brooklyn; 718-636-9738

12. Sid’s Diner; El Reno, OK

Famous for their fried-onion burgers. If you are doing the Route 66 road trip, then stop here.
Address: 300 S. Choctaw Ave., El Reno; 405-262-7757 or yelp

13. Modern Diner; Pawtucket, RI

Famous for their Custard French toast.
Address: 364 East Ave., Pawtucket; 401-726-8390 or themoderndinerri.com

14. Mickey’s Diner; St. Paul, MN

Known for their 24 hour per day breakfast menu, open 365 days a year. Try the “One Eyed Jack”.
Address: 36 Seventh St. W, St. Paul; 651-222-5633 or mickeysdiningcar.com

15. Town Topic Hamburgers; Kansas City, MO

Open since 1937. Famous for greasy hamburgers.
Address: 2021 Broadway St., Kansas City; 816-842-2298 or towntopic.com

16. The Blue Benn; Bennington, VT

Old dining car with a long counter, booths and old school jukeboxes. Try the blueberry pancakes.

Address: 314 North St, Bennington; 802-442-5140 or yelp.

17. Big Al’s Diner; Cleveland

No-nonsense breakfast and diner. Try the the eggs Benedict. or ‘Big Al’s corn beef hash’.
Address: 12600 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland; 216-791-8550 or yelp.

18. Florida Avenue Grill; Washington, D.C.

Calles the “The oldest soul food restaurant in Washington”. Must try if you are in the capital.
Address: 1100 Florida Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.; 202-265-1586 or floridaavenuegrill.com

19. Miss Worcester Diner; Worcester, MA

50s-style diner that specializes in French toast and Apple Pie.
Address: 300 Southbridge St., Worcester; 508-753-5600 or yelp

20. Historic Village Diner; Red Hook, NY

1920s-style diner. Try the breakfast eggs and muffins.
Address: 7550 N. Broadway, Red Hook; 845-758-6232 or historic-village-diner.com

21. Blue Benn, Bennington, Vermont

Old-fashioned diners, with a diner car that was assembled in 1948. Booths with jukeboxes and customers enjoying pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup. Homemade doughnuts.
Address: 314 North St, Bennington, VT 05201, United States. Phone:+1 802-442-5140

22. Little Goat; Chicago

Try the kimchi, bacon-and-eggs scallion pancakes or Fat Elvis waffles with bacon maple syrup.
Address: 820 W Randolph St., Chicago; 312-888-3455 or littlegoatchicago.com

Famous Diners From Movies.

Still haven’t had enough inspiration? Then take a look a these restaurants and diners, that actually exists, but were made famous from movie and TV shows.

‘When Harry Met Sally’ — Katz’s Delicatessen, New York City

‘Twin Peaks’ — Twede’s Cafe, North Bend, Washington

‘Seinfeld’ — Tom’s Restaurant, New York City

‘Anchorman’ — The Dresden Restaurant, Hollywood, California

diners near me

The prototypical American Diner. Booths and a long counter with seating. You can almost smell the coffee. This one is Chaffins Diner in Tucson, Arizona.

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