UPS Drop Box Near Me

UPS Drop Box Near Me.

UPS has more than 42,000 Drop Box locations nationwide, so you can drop off letters and packages out of UPS Store hours of operation. You can drop off your shipment 24 hours a day.

At UPS Drop Boxes you can leave parcels sent both domestically and internationally with any UPS shipping service.

Though Drop boxes are always open, UPS pickup times vary but are usually later than at UPS Stores, and you can buy shipping supplies and postage a thte Drop Box as to prepare your shipment correctly.

UPS Drop Off Box Near Me – Use the Map.

Find the closest UPS Drop Box Point to your current location.

  • The UPS Drop Box Map Locator detects your mobile phone’s GPS position, as well as your computers IP address, to show you the nearest UPS Drop Box locations.
  • Click on a UPS Drop Box location to reveal addresses.
  • Click on “View Larger Map” to show UPS driving directions.
  • Use two fingers to navigate the map on mobile phones.

UPS Drop Box Locator.

To use UPS’s own Drop Box locator:

  1. Visit the Drop Box Locator  here.
  2. Enter your city, and be sure to tick the “Find a drop off location” box.
  3. Tick the “Pay for a UPS shipping label” if you need a Drop Box that offers you and option to print and pay for a UPS shipping label.
  4. Click on the different Drop Box Points on the map to see the latest drop off time, which varies from drop box to drop box.
ups drop off box near me

UPS Drop Off Boxes are easy to use, but not all offer postage services. Check the Pickup Time at the front of the Drop Box.

UPS Drop Box Advantages.

  • Get later pickup times and after-hours UPS Drop Off convenience.
  • With UPS Drop Boxes you can:
  • Ship to domestic and international locations.
  • Get many shipping supplies at your nearest UPS Drop Box.
  • Declare package value to a maximum value of US$500 per package.
  • Drop off any package that meets the maximum size of 16in. x 13in. x 3in requirements.
  • Access UPS Drop Boxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do UPS Stores Have drop Off Boxes?

All UPS Stores also have a Drop Off Box where you can drop off shipments or letters with the correct postage.
UPS Drop Box Near Me

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