Food Places Near Me

Food Places Near Me.

Use our interactive restaurant map to find good food places (restaurants and cafes) to eat at, near your location.

The Restaurant Locator is very easy to use: The map will load automatically and will reveal a local map, that, depending on your current location, shows all the places to eat in your area.

These include Italian restaurants, Chinese food places, Indian takeaways, Sushi buffets, as well as fast food restaurants, and other eateries.

Find Food Places Near Me.

Simply, use the food map below to find the nearest places to eat in your current location:

Things To Know.

  • The map will open a local map, based on your current location. The GPS system on your cellphone must be turned ON, for the map to work properly (It usually is).
  • If you are using a home computer or laptop, then avoid using a Proxy or VPNs, as the Food Map will open on the location of your local IP address.
  • After the map loads, click or tab on a location for more information about this place to eat (address, average reviews, opening hours).
  • All the local food places to eat at are shown with an Orange or Red (Fork+ Knife) icon. Bars are shown as cocktail glass icon.
  • On mobiles/cell phones, use two fingers simultanously to navigate the map.
  • Use the Plus and Minus icon to zoom in or out on the map. More restaurants will be shown as you zoom in.
  • Click on “View Larger Map” to reveal restaurant phone numbers, restaurant opening hours, driving and walking directions, customer reviews, and more.
food places near me

Check the restaurant opening times before you arrive. Click on a restaurant on the map, then click on “View Larger Map” for exact opening times.

Food Places Near Me – The Best Apps.

If you need an app for future use, an app that include a restaurant map, then we can recommend the following “Restaurant Finder” apps:

  1. OpenTable App for iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS. Opentable is a popular app that has partnered with Yelp for reviews and reservations. It includes a map with restaurant locations.
  2. Foursquare App for iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS. Foursquare lets you search for specific types of restaurants or cuisines. It gives you simple categories to search on the main screen, for examples you can search for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  3. Google Places App for iOS/Android. The app uses Google’s database of restaurants, cafes and bars. It basically works as the map on this page.
  4. Zomato App for iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS. This apps main focus is on social interaction and recommendations, so that you can find what is tasty or trendy in seconds. Zomato users can search for: Restaurants, pubs, cafes, type of cuisine and city or location.
  5. Yelp App for iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS. The Yelp mobile app use your phone’s GPS to find and show restaurants in your area. You can filter results based on opening hours, type of food, and costs.
  6. HappyCow App for iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS. The HappyCow app is the app for vegetarians or vegans. HappyCow i shows only healthy vegan and vegtarian food places, and you can search for options like gluten-free, juice bars, and more.
  7. Urbanspoon App for iOS/Android/BlackBerry. Urbanspoon’s app has a restaurant locator, and you can write/share reviews with friends.
  8. Zagat App for iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS. The Zagat app only have ratings and reviews that are curated by official Zagat editors. This means you that when searching in Zagat, you are getting an expert opinion instead of just the wisdom of the crowd.
  9. Foodspotting App for iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7. The Foodspotting app lets users search and share menus and particular menu items that you like, not simply restaurants. Take photos of the food/drink that you like, add your thoughts or descriptions, upload it all and tell people about the location. You will also be shown photos of recommended menu items, near your current location, instead of just restaurants around you.
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Fancy something different? The Dinner In The Sky experience may soon come to a city near you. Currently this unique Restaurant-in-a-crane experience can be found in Los Angeles, Montreal, Miami, Dubai, Vienna and several other cities. Just a thought.

-Food Places Near Me – Search for nearby Food Places-

Remember, please avoid using proxys in order for the map function to work probably. If you cannot find the business or restaurant brand that you are looking for, then use the search function.
Use the Star Ratings system to rate brands/restaurants from 1 to 5 stars. The rating is an overall customer rating. Use the comment section to further detail your experiences.