Dollar Store Near Me

Dollar Store Near Me.

Find a Dollar Store near me by viewing the interactive map below. The map will show the nearest Dollar store to your current location automatically.

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Find a Dollar Store Near Me – Use The Map.

Use the interactive map below to locate your cloest Dollar store. The map will automatically detect your location.

The map shows all Dollar store location near you now, including branded Dollar stores like: Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollarama, 99 Cents Only and DollarStore Inc.

The Dollar Store Success Story.

Dollar stores have never been more popular. Dollar General (DG) and Dollar Tree, which bought Family Dollar in 2015, are the two largest dollar store companies in the country, with more than 30,000 stores in the United States, up from le than 20,000 a decade ago.

Walmart, America’s largest retailer, only has about 4,700 US stores, so the Dollar Store phenomenon is indeed here to stay. Dollar Tree and Dollar General plan to open 24000 new locations in the coming years. Dollar General is also expanding their business model to include fresh produce in arounf 6,000 stores.

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The largest Dollar Store chains in America, by number of locations:

  1. Dollar General – Number of Locations (USA): 15000 stores.
  2. Dollar Tree – Number of Locations (USA): 14835 stores.
  3. Family Dollar (Now owned by Dollar Tree) – Number of Locations (USA): 8000 stores.
  4. Dollarama – Number of Locations (Canada): 1160 stores.
  5. Five Below – Number of Locations (USA): 745 stores.
  6. 99 Cents Only – Number of Locations (USA): 394 stores.
  7. Great Canadian Dollar Store – – Number of Locations (Canada): 126 stores.
  8. Your Dollar Store and More – Number of Locations (Canada) – 100 stores.
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Find a Dollar Store near you with the map above. A Dollar Store is defined by most items costing 1 Dollar or less. However, most Dollar stores these days are expanding their inventory with higher priced items.

Dollar Store Locator.

The official Dollar Store locator tool is available from the DollarStore company’s own locator page. To find your nearest Dollar store, type in a street name, city, ZIP code, or state.

About US Dollar Store, Inc.

Though the term “Dollar Store” to most will refer to any type of store that sell many different items, most of which cost less a dollar.

However, Dollar Store is also a registered trademarked chain of dollar shops found throughout America with more than 120 Dollar Store locations. The company’s website is

Dollar Store Contacts, LLC.

If you wish to contact the Dollar Store customer service, you can do so by writing to:

DollarStore, LLC
2082 Business Center Drive
Irvine, California 92612 USA

Business Hours
Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM

DollarStore phone number Toll Free: 1-800-705-5277 or call on+1-949-261-7488.
The DollarStore customer email addres is: [email protected]

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Dollar Store Near me

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